Are there performance benefits in switching to HTTPS from HTTP?

Should I move to HTTPS? Is there a cost or a benefit?

The simple answer is yes!


When switching from HTTP to HTTPS, all packets sent over the network will be encrypted so anyone intercepting those packets will not be able to look at the contents. For example, if your customer enters in credit card information into a form on your website and on submission the request is sent over HTTP, your customer’s card information is not encrypted and has the chance to be stollen.

There are also performance benefits to using HTTPS. When switching from HTTP to HTTPS you will be able to take full advantage of HTTP/2.

  1. HTTP/2 reduces the size of each request and response packets resulting in less time for your website to load.

  2. HTTP/2 also reduces the amount of TCP connections during page load and this will result in a significant performance boost.


In order to use HTTPS you will have to purchase an SSL certificate and the price for these vary, and require a renewal every year.

Luckily, with we provide you an SSL certificate for your website and handle renewing it for you!