Can I put CDN in front of my existing CDN?

If I do, any problems I may run into?

Running multiple CDNs in conjunction with one another is generally not recommended.
If you use multiple CDNs, it will be extremely difficult to clear your cache as both CDNs will need to be flushed simultaneously. It’s possible you could run into issues with header-passing and the like.

It’s possible to put in front of your existing CDN, but for maximum performance and functionality we recommend using exclusively.

I have been using cedexis to load balance it seems to work pretty well. Thinking about putting in front of it. Recently they announce a project with Varnish: .

Running multiple CDNs is fine; and the cache clear issue noted would be a problem only if you are caching the same objects in the same way on each of the CDNs and then run into something which needs a manual cache clear rather than relying on versioning or cache expiry headers.

Using Cedexis DNS to load balance behind would also work fine. Let us know if need help with getting set up and sorting out the DNS or VCL for optimal performance.