Do I need a different application for my staging and qa environments?

What does my workflow looks like if I need to test config on one or more environments before pushing to production?

When you create a application it will contain one hosted environment named “Production” by default. Your application has a dedicated git source control repository and a branch also named “Production” with the configuration information for the Production environment.

From the “Actions” menu on the Aperture environment overview page you can choose to create a new hosted-environment, which you might name “Staging” for example. You will be asked for an alternate domain name, eg “”, which you will use to access this new environment via the CDN. This will also create a new branch in your application’s git repository, based on the original Production branch, but can now be edited independently.

With the separate environment you can commit, deploy, and test changes safely before applying the same changes to your Production environment. Reproducing changes between environments can be as simple as repeating the edits in each branch but the recommended approach is to perform merges between the branches in the repository using your preferred git tools.

You can create several environments per application, each with their own domain name and optionally their own origin web server addresses.