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Error on commit when editing VCL file


A user asks:

Every time I try to remove a whitelist from access.vcl file the portal is reporting a commit failure.
The error message is

Validation error in configuration for proxy varnish        
varnish:Message from VCC-compiler:        
varnish:Undefined acl example_whitelist, first reference:

The above problem is due to acl example_whitelist being referenced else where in the vcl, perhaps a different vcl file
e.g. std.ip(req.http.True-Client-IP, "") ~ example_whitelist
When section.io Aperture portal saves/commits a file, it compiles the code and checks for any errors. So when you are editing one file and removing a function that is called from another file, it will throw up an error such as you see above.

If you need to edit multiple files and commit the changes at the same time, use git and pull the repository down locally. You will find the repo link on the Advanced Config section of the portal.

  1. Pull the repo down locally using the below command
    git clone <repo link>

  2. Edit the files that you wish to change

  3. Push the changes up with the following commands
    git add
    git commit -m "Short message explaining your changes."
    git push origin <branch name>
    You need to specify a branch name for the above command. This is usually Production but can be different depending on which environment you are working one e.g. staging, uat etc.