How can i get data volumes (Bytes) served from the CDN and sent to the origin?

Its often good practise to review the amount of data being served from the CDN and also the amount of data passing back to the origin servers.

This helps you tune the CDN configuration to improve cache hit rate and also understand where origin data costs are coming from. has deep metrics on every request passing through the platform. To be able to view data volumes you leverage the Graphite interface which allows you to view, group, summarise and smooth metrics.

We will look at 3 metrics around data usage:

  1. Data served to browsers

  2. Data served from CDN cache (Varnish cache)

  3. Data sent to the origin servers

To view these metrics you can either browser to the Graphite part of our portal:

and then leverage the graphite metric browser to select appropriate metrics and then add a “summarise” function.

Or you can use this URL and update it with your Account, Application and Environment ID:<account_id>/application/<application_id>/graphite/render/?width=586&height=308&_salt=1483509237.488&from=-90days&target=summarize(environment_<environment_id>.all_regions.downstream_response.bytes.sum%2C%227d%22)&target=summarize(environment_<environment_id>.instance_hosted.varnish.varnish_handling.hit.bytes.sum%2C%227d%22)

Fill in the <account_id>, <application_id> and <environment_id> values above

This will give you a chart like:

The blue line above is the bytes sent from CDN to browsers in the period (7 days in this case)

The green line is the bytes served from CDN cache to browsers (HITs from Varnish cache)

The gap between the 2 lines is the volume of data that has gone to the origin servers

Its also possible to use Graphite to take the difference between the 2 lines as a unique metric of its own.

For more information on Graphite please see:

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