How can I test my origin servers from multiple locations without in the delivery chain?

Sometimes you may wish to see if your origin server is serving content successfully without in the delivery chain from various global locations.

To do this from your own machine, you could set your host headers - -see

or from multiple locations, you could use Webpagetest.

You will need to override the DNS settings for your website which are currently pointing at by using the Advanced Webpagetest settings and writing a little setDns script in Webpagetest.

your script should look like -

setDns 123.456.789

You can grab your origin server endpoint from your Portal

  1. Go to > Advanced Config,
  2. Choose the file > section.config.json
  3. And copy the origin server address to which’s platform is pointed

Then simply

  1. Visit
  2. Select your preferred testing location and number of runs
  3. Choose the advanced settings dropdown
  4. Choose the script tab
  5. Enter the setDns script and go!. Note the script is case sensitive.