How do I rollback a change to the CDN configuration CDN configuration is controlled in sourcecode.

Each application is assigned a unique git repository that tracks all changes and provides a full history of who made a change, what the change was and when the change was made.

If a large configuration change is made to multiple files rather than making additional changes to revert the configuration to each individual file, it’s possible to roll the configuration back to a previous version.

The process to do this is to clone the git repository onto your computer and then use standard git commands to roll back.

Firstly clone the repository onto your local PC:

git clone<account_id>/application/<application_id>/<domain name>.git

(If you have bought up the local development option available in the CDN then you will have already performed this step.

The next step is to view all commits to find the commit ID you want to roll back:

git log

Then perform the rollback to generate a new commit that undoes all of the changes introduced in , then apply it to the current branch.

git revert <commit>

(To close out the comment screen that appears when you do this hit: esc, :wq, enter)

Then push the reverted configuration live in the public CDN:

git push

This completes the process