How often will I be billed and how do I change my subscription?

How often will my credit card or payment method be billed and how can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

Billing is done on a monthly recurring schedule on the 28th of each month. It automatically sets the billing owner as the creator of the account.

The account overview page is where you can track daily account usage of all applications listed under the account. The billing portal is where you can update your credit card details on file. We’ve partnered with third party providers to ensure credit cards are handled correctly with appropriate PCI requirements. All pricing is in USD.


I went to the link you mentioned but there is no information about current pricing on that page. Would you please let me know what pricing plans you offer? Subscription, pay as you go…


Hi Andrei

Thanks for noting the dead link. We did archive those old plans some time ago. I will send you a note directly to connect and understand what you are looking for.