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How to create multiple 360s swapped via swatches in Magento



I need to have multiple 360s of the same configurable product on my product page in Magento.I need to be able to swap between the 360s by clicking on swatches and these swatches will be from 2 configurable attributes material and colourSimilar to how you have it setup in this demo:how would I go about implementing this? I cant find any guide to it.So far I have the 360 working and have set it to ‘ad-hock’ and placed it just above my media block.My problem is that clicking on the swatches just changes the images in the media block rather than the 360. I have added the 360 viewer path into my configurable product. I have tried removing it from the configurable product and putting it in the simple products instead but this doesnt seem to work.

Please help.

I didn’t find the right solution from the Internet.

Product animation studio



hey @depprussell200 This forum is probably not the right one for debugging issues with that software.

Looks like you are in the right place on that forum you linked.