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Intermittent 503 errors

Question from a user:

Hi there. We are seeing intermittent 503 errors. Our first few requests seems to work fine, but after a period of inactivity, subsequent requests return a 503 error

In this case the origin looks to have a very long TCP connection keep alive which our platform does not support. We support maximum 4 mins keep alive. If your origin has longer connection keep alives, then you will need to reduce them under 4 mins, Otherwise you can edit the section.config.json file in the section.io application and add the following directive under where you specified the origin.
“disable_keepalive”: true

So it should look like this.

      "origin": {
           "address": "origin.example.com",
           "disable_keepalive": true

Please allow 5-10 mins after deploy for the current connections to close completely before testing again.