CLI throwing errors on section up?

I’m running into FATAL errors when I try to section up, what did I do wrong?

The CLI is sensitive to where you clone specific repos, so following these steps will ensure a smooth set up.

Please follow these steps in order and down to the exact specifics.

Set up process

  1. Navigate your terminal or command prompt to your Documents directory
    • Windows: cd C:\Users<user name here>\Documents
    • Mac: cd ~/Documents/
  2. Make a directory within your “Documents” directory called “section” • Universal: mkdir section
  3. Make sure you have the latest version of “git”
    • Windows: Make sure you have “git credential-manager” up-to-date.
  4. Run the command: git clone
  5. Run the command: cd section.cli
  6. Get the path of the directory
    • Windows: echo %cd%
    • Mac: pwd
  7. Copy and paste the output and ensure it’s exported to your system “Paths”
  8. Make sure you have the latest version of Virtual Box:
  9. In your Aperture portal, locate the “Developer PoP” in the left hand nav under “Set up”
  10. Copy the command: section up
  11. Change your directory in your terminal or command prompt to the “section” directory within
    your “Documents” directory that contains the “section.cli” repository.
  12. Important: You must run the “section up ” within the “section” directory alongside the “section.cli” repository.
  13. You should see the following messages if set up correctly:
    Configuring virtual machine

Testing your site

  1. Modify your host file to point your domain at “”

Thanks for this one!