Timeouts when trying to connect to your origin server

You may have noticed a warning on your application’s overview page saying something like “There have been 6 timeouts when trying to connect to your origin server in the last 10 minutes.”

These errors are a warning that our system was unable to process a certain amount of requests in a 10 minute time frame. These errors are outside section.io’s control and something we can’t address. We suggest you investigate your server or contact your hosting / development partner.

It’s also worth noting that the internet is not a perfect place, so errors from the origin will occur from time to time.
Our portal is simply warning of how many of these event has occurred over a period of time so you are aware of it. You will need to be concerned if the rate of errors increases or spikes. This warning panel is good if you suddenly notice issues with sites, and you can check there to see if the origin is currently having issues.