Using Kibana to search for traffic from a particular user agent

How do I find traffic from a particular user agent such as Googlebot on

Kibana logs every request passing through the platform including details such as the user agent requesting each asset.

To find the breakdown of useragent:

  • Choose HTTP Logs from the Real Time menu in your portal.

  • If you are looking for a specific user agent (such as Googlebot) simply type Googlebot in the search bar. Note this will return every log which has the word Googlebot in one of the fields.

  • Don’t forget to choose the time period relevant to your search and note that section,io keeps detailed logs for 7 days (with metrics up to 13 months).

  • Select from the left hand menu to refine your search by many factors such as reponse code sent, time taken etc. Simply click on the field to refine on then choose the + magnifying glass to refine on that value for a field - e,g. Status 404.