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Varnish and inline C

For security reasons we do not allow inline c.
We find that most common issues that inline c solves have been solved now by using certain VMODS.

Ask yourself, what specifically does your inline c code fix? Perhaps we can recommend a VMOD that already does the same thing.

A common question that we get asked is to allow a parameter to be added for ESI calls.
-p feature=+esi_ignore_other_elements

We have a special feature flag you can set to enable that feature.
In the “varnish” folder in your repo you have a file called “proxy-features.json”(if not present you will need to clone the repo locally, create the file and add it)

If you add another item called:
"feature/esi_ignore_other_elements": true
this will enable the flag you require.

We may need to restart your Varnish containers to have this take effect. So message our support team and ask for a container recreate.