Will mobile browsers be accelerated with section.io?

What benefits does section.io have for mobile browsers?

Sure, mobile web browsers are just like browsers on our desktop/laptop computer. Most modern mobile and desktop browsers are built using an open source engine called WebKit. You’ll even get performance benefits of HTTP2 for devices Apple iOS 7 & Android Chrome 52. Full support matrix - CanIUse HTTP2 Support

It’s even more important to make sure your website is cachable on mobile devices as users attention spans tend to be shorter and you need to compete with extra latency of mobile phone networks.

What about ios apps, does section.io offer CDN services for iOS mobile apps?

section.io provides a global network of HTTP reverse proxies so if the app is sending any traffic using HTTP then it can benefit from caching and security available with section.io.

A common use case with apps is caching and serving API calls over HTTP from the apps.